Post Production includes following services:


  • Motion compensated standard and format conversion with Alchemist: PAL / NTSC, 60i / 50i, 23,976p / 24p / 25p / 29,97p, progressive / interlaced, 4K / HD / SD
  • Editing, color correction & restauration including titles creation and motion graphics
  • Digitalization & scanning of filming material for digital use of older filming formats
  • Video-Encoding and Transcoding in SD, HD, 3D and 4K – providing a large variety of formats and codecs for tape and data files which can also be used for archiving.


  • Editing, mixing, restauration & mastering – particularly audio to video
  • Audio-Encoding for stereo and surround in DTS & Dolby incl. HD-formats
  • Loudness-processing according to EBU R 128 for compliance with broadcasting standards (incl. Dolby E en- /decoding)
  • Upmixing stereo to surround using own techniques and processes
  • Certified for Mastered for iTunes MfiT

Audio/Video Postproduction

According to your specifications we will generate shortened versions, trailers or single tracks from your material.

We only work with high quality hard- and software using deep know how in technological options. State of the art video encoder, audio-restauration equipment as well as professional audio and all standard video editing systems allow us to provide broad technological capabilities. Your advantages are an optimal quality as well as an easy interchange with a large variety of different systems. We are able to provide your material in practically all possible formats.